My Autobiography

Name and Grade

My name is Angel.
I am in sixth grade.

About Me

  • I'm eleven years old.
  • My birthday is September 5th.
  • My favorite color is blue.
  • My favorite candy is Mike n Ike and jelly beans.


  • Mom: Kameran
  • Dad: Cameron
  • one sister: Kamora
  • two brothers: C.J, and Hasun


I have three hobbies.
  • reading: I love to read and I read almost everywhere I go.
  • word search: When I have free time, I get on my bed and do my word search book.
  • computer: Almost everyday, when I come home from school, I get on the computer.

Awards and Accomplishments

I have two awards.
  • Math Masters- In fifth grade and I got chosen to be in Math Masters because I was good in math. I won first place.
  • reading- My brothers, sisters, and I sign up for the reading program and we read books.

I have a lot of accomplishments.

  • I've gotten the honor roll three times.
  • I've gotten principal list nine times
  • I've gotten terrific kid six times
  • I'm in the Duke Tip program

Goals and Career Choices

  • make As in reading on my report card
  • get to all my classes on time
My Career Choices
  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Bank Teller
or a
  • Accountant

My animal

My animal is a teddy bear.
It shows that I want to avoid a conflict being made.
I stop problems without getting someone hurt or destroying their relationship.

My Poem

is smart, quiet, responsible, and funny
who loves my mom, dad, and siblings
and hates snakes, spiders, and other reptiles
happy when it is my birthday, get books, and when I'm by myself
and sad when it rains, make a bad grade, and can't get what I want
excited when I get money and when its Christmas
angry when I get in trouble and get grounded
and feels safe when around my parents & I'm at home
who fears of dying and heights