Earth science sharon kim

Period 2; Mrs, Chappas's class

Earthquakes PBL

Our driving question was: How can we, as structural engineers, consruct a 2 story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand seismic activity? The Earthquake PBL project was about the making of a house for Tony Stark. The point of this project was to design a house that would withstand earthquakes and other natural disasters. Each group had to research information, make blueprints, and make a small model of the final house with the materials given. I was in a group with Alexis, Charlie, Amber, and Heidi. We created a house that looked like a small 3d right angle, with a chimney. :)

Atmosphere 30 hands project

This project was about the atmosphere and human activities that cause pollutants to make the Earth warmer though Global Warming and greenhouse gases. Everyone made a 30 hands video with slides from piccollage, following the requirments for each of the slides. Each slide had a specific topic and we had to find information to create our slides. This picture is a slide on what global warming is and ↗️

what is causing it. This link leads to my 30 hands video. ↙️

Invention Convention

Our invention is called the Precipitator. The enviromental problem it solves is the problem of water pollution. The way that the precipitator solves the water pollutiom is that it reuses water to create precipitation (mist) and it recycles dirty bodies of water. It recycles dirty water by sucking up the polluted water, then the solar energy created from the solar panels underneath separated the pollutants and the water. After that, it released the water back into it's old place, whereas the pollutants are released into the soil or ground.

Unit 3: Earthquakes (extra credit)

I liked this unit because it was the easiest unit in Earth Science for me. It also had the best activities such as the Tony Stark PBL project, the fault drawings, and my extra credit book! All the activities in Unit 3 seemed more artistic, creative, and more fun to me than any of the other units. My extra credit piece was a children's book on earthquakes. I drew every page and wrote a lot of information, in a childish way, as if I was writing the book for a child to read. I was really happy and proud when Mrs. Chappas gave me an extra 5 points for my extra credit. Overall, the earthquakes unit was and will be my favorite in Mrs. Chappas's class for the years of 2015-16!!