History of Video Games

Taylor Mortimer


The starting point for video games was when the military would create simulations that they could use for the army, and they were almost game like. After watching this, a man working in the military decided to create a small game called tennis for two which was played on a oscilliscope. This game was extreamly basic but gave way for a huge wave of ideas soon in the future.

How far video games have come.

Video games have evolved many stages from its start. They have went from simple 8 bit graphics to the High Def graphics of today.

These pictures show how far video games have come.

Beginning of video games

The first video game was produced by William Higinbotham called "Tennis For Two" in 1958.

In 1972 the first home system was made by a man named Ralph Baer. It was called the Odyssey made by the company Magnavox.

Where you could play

In the beginning you couldn't just buy a console and bring it home and play it on your TV. Most games were made into arcade machines that you put quarters into to get a certain number of plays before you got to play more, but soon after people discovered that games were going to be big and that people loved playing them so companies decided to bring the expirence home to them. A man named Ralph Baer brought that to reality by making the Magnavox Odyssey the first home console. It came with a number of things to play the 6 games it came with. After this more companies started making consoles that you could play in your own home and even make portable systems that you could take anywhere and play.

Historical moments in video game history

Many people have heard the the famous quote from the mushroom creature named toad in super Mario bros that states "sorry Mario but our princess is in another castle" every time you completed the level and boss, then you had to continue to the next level and it would be the same ending until you reached the final castle. This was and still is one of the most memorable quotes in video game history.

Games Now

Now video games are a multi-billion dollar operation that keeps coming back with new things each year to impress gamers. They come out with new games each year a lot of the time sequels to previous games that did well in past sales.

Fun Trivia

The game Pac man was first called "Puck" man but was changed because the developers were afraid people might try to change the P to and F on the arcade machines.

The idea for Pac man came first when the creators went out to get pizza and someone took a slice away then that image sparked the idea for the cheese wheel shaped character.

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