Vancouver Canada

Vancouver is the place I want to go to when i get older and have a job. Vancouver is in Canada also the activities in vancouver i can do are race sport cars like Lamborghini's. And that costs only 50 dollars.

Ten facts about Vancouver

Vancouver has the 4 largest ship terminal in the world.

Vancouver is the biggest film making production in the world after NYC and Los angel.

The Vancouver aquarium ranks in the top 5 worldwide.

Vancouver is the warmest city in Canada and only gets 11 days of snow each year.

In terms of GPD, Vancouver is only behind Toronto and Montreal.

The population for Vancouver is 2.3 million.

The Vancouver airport has free WiFi.

Their are no free ways in downtown Vancouver.

Tax is on everything is twelve percent except on food.

Vancouver can have a 8.0 earthquake at anytime.Because the city sits on a major fault along with Seattle and Portland.


32 hours and 2,644 miles and the people i will take with me are rickey and I will take a plane and I will stay there for 6 days.


The place I will stay is a travel lodge the hotel I will be staying at is 3 miles from the airport the things I have to bring is clothes, soap, money,a rental car.


The trip will cost 1,289 dollars the logging will cost 99 dollars. All the food will cost 158 dollars. The plane ticket will cost 489 dollars and 67 cents. The airfare will cost 482 dollars. The cost of gas 142 dollars.


The things I will do their are zip-ling. Go scuba diving and go see a waterfall. You can also go on a whale tour.

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