¡Adios Amigos!

Erik Contreras

Beutiful California

I was about four or five years old attending kindergarten in an elementary school in Huntington Park, California just outside of Los Angeles. There were parades and it was close to Long Beach, California were the beaches clear ocean water and ocean breeze made me go to sleep because I didn't like the water because the waves were to strong,, only the sand. I was also small and easily got tired and slept a lot back then. The weather there was always or mostly the same all year round which was hot/warm.

Leaving california!

Entering North Carolina!

A new home

Next thing I remember was me looking out of a window of an airplane heading for Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. When I got out of the airport I could definitely feel the difference in temperature. I was small and in kindergarten so I didn’t care about my friends in California. I had to adapt to my new home but not logically because I was small.

New School!

I attended to R.Brown McAllister Elementry School in downtown Concord, North Carolina.That school was nice I attended it for all K-5 grades all my friends were there and everthing

Moving again!

I had to move outside of downtown Concord but it was still Concord , were I live now. All of my elementry friends went to Concord Middle School and I went to C.C. Griffin Middle school. I wish all of my old friends good luck.