Eagle Flyer

June 13, 2016

From the Principal's Desk

Please remember, tomorrow, Tuesday, June 14th at 8:45 AM, Doyle will conduct an evacuation drill to Lenape. The whole event should last less than an hour. Please try to get your child here on time and know that the office will be closed during this hour. Thank you for your cooperation. Susan

Report Cards

Please be advised that your children's report cards will be available on your parent portal on Wednesday, June 15.

Rocking Out With A Book

Research has shown that children who read at home over the summer do better in school in September than those who do not! In order to encourage at home reading, Doyle Elementary School is sponsoring a summer reading incentive. We want Doyle students to “Rock Out With a Book.”

  • We are asking all Doyle students read a minimum of ten (grades K - 2) or four (grades 3 - 5) books this summer and to bring back his or her book log in September.
  • We are also asking each student to recommend one of his or her favorite books on a “CD” and decorate it. The class that has the highest percentage of book logs and book recommendations returned will receive a special classroom reward.

Please pull up the grade level/age appropriate form on our website.

When school resumes in the fall, your child’s log will be collected by the new classroom teacher on the first day of school.

Show us where YOU rocked out with a book!

If your child rocks out with a book in a fun or interesting place this summer, take a picture and e-mail it to bernst@cbsd.org. Your child may be featured in an upcoming Eagle Flyer or one of next year’s Soaring Eagle assemblies!

We hope our incentive will help make reading fun for your child. Thank you in advance for helping our Doyle students “Rock Out With a Book” this summer!

Thanks for your support,

Jasmine Snively & Leesa Meade
Reading Specialists

Eagle's Pride

Meeting The Smartest Man in the World

The World’s Smartest Man visited Doyle to challenge the 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders in the Insanely Awesome Trivia Show.The Doyle Students—who have been very busy reading the Who Was…? Biographies—were victorious!
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Inspired by the Who is .. What was.. book series, Chloe Frank wrote her own versions about her classmates and presented them to the smartest man in the world.
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SET Competition

Here are our SET Homeroom finalists:

Kyle Flaherty, Annika Greb, Cole Fehrman, Jackson Estes, Jack Casale, Joey Modestine,

Justine Maraska, Lily Fry, Ben Sullivan, Molly Mayro, Christian Neeld, Brianna Burchett,

Brooke Demonte, Lucy Sanford, Nate Fehrman, Sean Hilghman, Sophie Poirot, Josie Pasquarella.

Congratulations to Justine Maraska (1st place) and to Brooke Demonte (2nd place).
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24 Math Competition

Congratulations to Brian Biedermann for winning the 24 Math Competition for the second year in a row.
Congratulations also to the finalists: Kyle Flaherty, Jack Casale, Nate Fehrman, Brianna Burchett, Adean Mir, Jack Melson, Owen Duffy, and Mia Pogach.
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Field Day 2016


Without common courtesy we would live in a world of mayhem. No one would hold the door when you head out to recess. No one would pick up dropped pencils just because. There are so many things we do to be kind that we don’t even recognize that we're doing. Being respectful can be as simple as saying please and thank you. It can also be making sure everyone feels they are included or clapping at the end of a show. Respect is something that has no limit, it can be shown in all situations no matter the circumstances. I feel that a lot of times people forget to respect themselves. For example, today if you mess up or don't do yours best you don’t have to get down on yourself. One thing I've learned about field day is that making mistakes is okay. Sometimes it’s not about winning as much as it is just having fun. We can apply this rule of respect to others as well. If someone else slips up, be kind and encourage them to keep trying. One time my grade was doing a relay and all the other groups were finished except for ours. I was the last kid left and I had to run all by myself. I was pretty nervous at first but everybody kept cheering. Even the opposing team joined in. After that I wasn't so scared anymore. My team was there to give me high fives on my way back in line and that made me smile. When people show respect it makes you feel good. I hope you all spread that good feeling to others by showing them respect. Showing respect to others can also be understanding that they may not be the fastest runner or the highest jumper. We all have different things we are more skilled at and its important to make others feel good about where they're at. We can also be respectful to the adults. There have been many times on field day that I've just wanted to run around and start each course right away. But what I remembered is that we need to be patient and wait until the adults are ready. Things like making eye contact to the person speaking or staying still and focused make things go much smoother. Marilyn Monroe once said, "Respect is one of the life's greatest treasures. I mean, what does it all add up to without that?" This highlights the fact that being polite and respectful is truly a gift. A gift that all of you are capable of giving. Don't forget to show respect as you strive to do your best. Have a great field day! Go Romans!

By: Ella Heinselman


What is responsibility? The definition of it is "the stage or fact of being responsible, answerable, or accountable." But what does that really mean?

For us as students at Doyle on Field Day, it means you are listening to the staff member who is explaining the rules to the event. It means that you're following the rules of the event. It means you are reminding your friends not to talk during that time. It means that during the event you are trying your hardest for the team. It means you are cleaning up after yourself after each event. It could even be as simple as remembering to wear your appropriate T shirt color.

Simply put, you must be responsible during Field Day because it's the expectation of Mrs. Williams and Dr. Salvesen, who are letting us have this competitive day of fun, where we get to challenge ourselves physically.

I challenge you, Soaring Eagles, to be responsible all day long, while still having fun with your friends!

By: Liam Mulreaney


Field Day has always been my favorite day of the year at Doyle. My memories were always filled with high-fives, and endless chanting. I'm sure everyone is very cheerful and energetic already, but it is so important to route for both sides, not only your own. Showing sportsmanship makes everyone feel encouraged and excited to continue playing. During the activities, if your team won a game, it would be nice to say to the other team, "Good game!" Or even "nice try". This encourages a positive attitude towards everyone. Try not to rub it in their face that they lost. Just be polite, and considerate. It will really make today go smoothly. Even though I am a Roman, I will be cheering for both sides. May both teams have luck today, give it your all, and most importantly...have fun!

By: Justine Maraska

Book Dedications

Mr. Lemoncello’s Library Olympics

is dedicated to Mrs. Cirulli, Mrs. Doyle & Mrs. McPhee

Thank you for being an amazing 6th grade team.

From Rhys and Katy Nicholas

Everybody Loves Bacon

is dedicated to Ashlyn Kear:


We are so proud of your hard work this year. Congratulations on completing kindergarten! Watching you grow up is the best!

Love, Mom and Dad


is dedicated in memory of Liana Hanson from Ashlyn Kear

Wing Tips

Thank you from our support staff!

The support staff at Doyle would like to thank parents and DHSA for the generous donations and wonderful assembly of gift baskets. This was a wonderful treat!
Enjoy your time off and we are looking forward to seeing you back after the summer.

From Home and School

Lost and Found

Please check our lost and found tables next to the office before the school lets out on Wednesday.
Lost and found items will be collected and donated at the end of the week.

CB Cares

CB Cares Backpack 2015

Here are the CB Cares Backpack News.

Upcoming Events

June 2016

June 14: Grade 6: End of Year Camp at YMCA
June 14: Evacuation Drill to Lenape MS
June 14: Grades 3 & 4: EOY Parties
June 14: PM Kindergarten: last day of school

June 15
: Grades KA, 1 - 6: last day of school, early dismissal at 11:55 AM
June 15: Grade 6: Closing Ceremony in backyard @ 10:00 AM

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