Maverick Minutes

Week of 12/7-12/11

Benchmark Preview...

We got a glimpse at the midyear benchmark data this week and couldn't be more proud of the work you all are doing. We will go over the results at the staff meeting before the break and revisit all mid year walkthrough data, benchmark and behavioral data on our early release day in January! The attention and depth you are doing with the Common Core Standards is certainly indicative in these results and the work of PLC's is so vital! Keep up the good work and let us know how we can continue to strengthen and support. #RaisingtheRIDGE!!!

Conserving Food at HiRMS

Each year I have students ask why we have to dispose of unused cafeteria food. While my heart is full that they want to help others, it is not always easy for them to understand the preparation guidelines, exposure hours, etc. However, Jeff Ebert has been diligent in doing some good and Mrs. Kathy (our wonderful cafeteria manager) came to help. Jeff will go on the announcements this Wednesday and explain that he will collect unwanted bananas, apples and craisins (this is all that is allowable). Please help push this movement with your students. He will have bins, and he will collect the food each day to take to a local pantry. Way to go Jeff Ebert and Thank You Kathy!!!

And on that note...

With Jeff focusing on fruit...Mrs. Schott, Ms. Morton and others asked about saving unwanted milk. Student throw mass amounts of unopened milk away that could be stored in the office, nurses office or in our foods classroom for supplies. A tray will be put in the cafeteria at one of the teacher's tables to collect unwanted milk. We will start this on Wednesday along with Jeff's push to collect fruit. Please explain to students the importance of saving milk and joining the cause.

Robotics, Technology and More...

Students collaborating and exploring in Mr. Parker's classes!


Teachers, please remind your students to report to their i-ready location during Mav time on Monday and Tuesdays. It is important that they be in the program and receiving instruction, at a minimum, 45 minutes each week. If they need to make up work, or receive help in another area, this should be completed before/after school, or Wednesday-Friday during Mav time. Also, If you as a grade level decide to change your schedule for any reason, please let Ashley Anthony and Della Haigler know so they can make any necessary adjustments to their schedule. Please try to keep these changes on Monday and Tuesday to a minimum as to not disrupt this intervention time.

Come out and support the final weeks of our Winter 1 Sports...

Great Wolf Lodge

Thank you for a great evening at the Great Wolf Lodge. Good food, friendship and fellowship was the theme of the night. We missed those who couldn't be with us but certainly understand other commitments. Everyone seem to get into the Christmas spirt at such a magical place and take a moment to celebrate the season! We hope to make this a yearly event!

A little persistence never hurts...

With the help of Dr. Vague, my husband became a stalker to the chef at GWL to capture the recipe of the salad dressing everyone seem to enjoy! Here it is for your liking!!!


12/7: HiRMS Spelling Bee in the Media Center

12/8: Arts Council 7th grade program in the gym

12/8: Wrestling home vs CC Griffin--Bill

12/8: Basketball away at CC Griffin

12/8: CCS Magnet Fair at JN Fries MS

12/10: Sec. Principals Mtg.--Liz

12/11: Parent Discussion on Social Media with GCs in the Media Center

12/11: Set-up for wrestling tournament—Adam and team

12/12:Wrestling Tournament at HiRMS 8-4PM

12/18: Canvas Challenge Due

12/18: Pep Rally: Faculty Basketball Game