Dropbox Vs. Google Drive

Which one is your money on?

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Wait What? Why choose?

The main reason im doing this is because i was told to do so and i say these 2 words "challenge accepted" so yeah.

The two are brillant together but in this instance only 1 will win.

personaly i perfer dropbox to Google Drive but there are acouple of factors that make me think hard over the decision

Google Drive's Goods and Bad

lets get rolling, google drive is your standard online storage service, it provides easy access to your stored files but is a bit of a pain in the butt to get a sharded folder and a pain in the butt for your friend to get on the folder aswell (believe me i tried) it can pick up a photo form a url if you put it in but thats about it.

Dropbox's Goods and bads


Right, Dropbox (to me) is better but there are alot of problems with dropbox aswell, firstly when you upload a powerpoint to dropbox you can't edit it online Where Drive can! it also