Shivam Jariwala

During the time of wars, many kings were in ________________ to discuss their military plans.
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n. A private, exclusive, or secret meeting.

CLAVIS <L. "key"

[con = cum <L. "with"]


  • Conference
  • Board Meeting
  • Conference Meeting


  • Conventions
  • Town Meeting

Choose the sentence where the word is incorrectly used.

  1. As congress members gathered to the conclave, the media was removed from the building.
  2. The Kellogg Company taste testers gathered in the conclave to test the new cereals before another company came out with it first.
  3. In the conclave, the media was constantly recording every statement the council made.
  4. As the conclave went on, many reporters eagerly waited for the white smoke meaning the Cardinals have decided who the new pope will be.