Andrew Jackson

The Great Horror of the Common Man and Government

Trail of Tears

President Andrew Jackson has forcibly moved human beings from their own homes even though they are "citizens" in their respective manner, Georgia did not have the right to steal the Cherokee Indians' land nor did President Jackson have the right to allow it.

Nullification Crisis/Tariff of Abomination

Jackson had passed the "Tariff of Abominations", this caused Carolina to refused to pay these taxes and threaten to secede. This angered President Andrew Jackson so he attempted to create the "Force Bill" which allowed Jackson to use military force to make people pay their taxes, but was refused.
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In the cartoon shown above, President Jackson is portrayed as a demon controlling the Natives like puppets and moving them out of the way.
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Force Bill

After South Carolina threatened to secede, Jackson was furious with South Carolina. Jackson then attempted to make the "Force Bill" to force people in South Carolina by use of the United States Army.