From The Desk of Donna Lemaire, Principal


A second candle now lights our Advent Wreaths. It symbolizes the coming of the Presence of Christ into the world. Although the Light has come through Jesus, we remember the time when people were waiting. We also have time to reflect on how We bring the presence of Christ to others every day. It is an opportunity to help our children understand what it means to be Christ to others. The generosity of our families who are helping to support homeless families in their transition to new homes is an inspiring example of this. This year our parents and families have been invited to be part of The Journey: A Parent Ministry. The next two pages of this newsletter is a copy of an article that will be the feature article of the Catholic Schools Week edition of "Acadiana Catholic" publication in January. It explains the beginning and purpose of this parent ministry and contains reflections of some of our parents who have felt called to be a part of Journey. The light is growing stronger within us and around us. Let us pray that we continue to be faithful to the journey of faith in our families and our community. Believe and be Empowered.

Donna Lemaire


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