Mme Jacques's Class Newsletter

A Wonderland of Learning in January and February



We will be focusing on reading and understanding non-fiction texts. We will also be looking at how punctuation affects the meaning of text and the reader’s perception of text.


We will be working on explanations over the next little while. The students will need to add considerable detail to their explanations and to ensure that they explain in a logical manner. This carries over into Math, as the students need to explain their reasoning in a more logical, detailed manner.


The students are finishing up the unit on 2-d and 3-d geometry. They will then begin a unit on 2-digit/3-digit addition and subtraction. Homework over the next little while will focus on practising math facts.

I have set up the computer math center in the class so that the students will be able to use their Prodigy Math accounts to play the math games in class. I will be preparing some new activities over the next little while that focus on addition and subtraction. I hope your child is enjoying the games at home as well. If the account information (log in/password) has been misplaced, let me know in the agenda and I will send it home again.

Board games and card games are a great way for your child to improve his/her math skills in a fun, family centered environment. Coin games help children to learn the value of coins. They also teach counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Preparing shopping lists from advertised prices can help children with mental math, estimation, and counting money.

Homework Helpers

Please ensure that your child has an extra pair of socks, mittens/gloves in his or her backpack or kept at school in case the ones worn get wet.

REMINDER: Please check and initial your child’s agenda daily to ensure class and school communications are being received at home.

Important Dates and Upcoming Events


13 - Scholastic Order Due

16 - Crazy Hair Day

19 & 20 - JK/SK, Grade 2 Dental Screening

27 - Family Literacy Day

30 - P.A. Day (No school for students)


10 - Scholastic Order Due

16 - Family Day (No school)

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