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People in poverty struggle to get out because they do not have the same opportunity as people with money

When written in Chinese, the word 'crisis' is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity. _-JFK



Tropicalia talks about the dreams and plans people have while in poverty. That is shown when And all the streets, they reek of tropical charms ". also when it says "Oh, when they beat upon a broken guitar" it talks about how often the think and talk about their plans for the future.

Oh, when they beat upon a broken guitar
And all the streets, they reek of tropical charms
The embassies lie in hideous shards
Where tourists snore and decay

beck -- tropicalia

crime to be broke in America- spearhead

spearhead talks about the oppression and lack of opportunities people in poverty face. it says "the punishment is capital for those who lack capital".

"The punishment is capital

for those who lack in capital
because a public defender
can't remember the last time
that a brother wasn't treated like an animal

Jacobs ladder-Mark Wills

Jacob's ladder talks about how opportunity and success come mainly through how well off you and who you know. People in poverty do not have those type of connections and pay and un fair price.


this picture depicts the oppression placed onto peoples dreams. people everywhere, including people in poverty have dreams of making something for themselfs when sadly, no matter what they do they are not presented the same opportunity people with "more resources" have.
like the picture above, it shows how society places a mind set onto people of "lower class" of they are stuck in the place they are and there is no way to get out. How the only people that are able to move forward are those with the "means" to.
as it is seen by now, the reassuring theme in these pictures are the inability to move forward with out money and being born into it. once you are in poverty, you are not able to get out.

povrty and living wages.

this article takes greatly about how people are under their value in living wages while their bosses above them stuff their pockets. this is seen best when it states "t is likewise unconscionable that anyone would pay workers less than the full value of their labor. Too many employers try to underpay their workers to enrich themselves. They take advantage of people who need a job in a market with surplus labor. They justify it as “supply and demand,” pretending that markets tell them what they must do, as if they have no volition to do more than what they must." while it does start directly about the connection of opportunity to money, it shows the steep difference in class and the wedge people can be placed in.

Poverty, inequality and opportunity for our youth

This article takes about the 'economic immobility" America's youth face. they can not move forward due to their situation. not because of themselves but because what they are forced into. it states " New national research reveals that America is still a land of opportunity, but many Indiana communities rank poorly in fostering upward economic mobility for children and youth" its may not say much or got into depth but it shows though their statistics our youth are not able to help themselves and are stuck.

Save the Children

Save the children is out to help children and youth in America though education, better choice making and other activities.


just like the one above, they focus on kids in america and attempt to give them the opportunities that were not even possible by themselves.


enough food- Henery Geroge

this stories takes a story out of the old testament and puts it into a more modern prepective. the old testament talked about islrialites wondering though the desert and being hungry and god sent down food to feed them all. then it was told as people owning land, one person owning 1 square mile, them 10 square miles, and so on and so forth. then the rest of the people not having any land at all to step on. this is how it is with people in poverty not being able to move on because the higher class owns all of it to begin with.

Hunger game- Suzan Collin

The Hunger games by Suzan Collins is able to show the steep drop of in class and the opportunities the higher classes receive because of their wealth. district 12 is shoved under every other distinct because they are the most poor and undesirable then the others. this is the same with people in poverty, not given any help because of it is taken by people who dont need it whatsoever.


Will smith in the pursuit of happiness gives one of most motivational speeches known to man. he tell his son that no one can hold him back from what he whats to do with his life and that he is the only one who can control it....but sadly the truth is that he could be stuck there because of the lack of opportunities.
New The Hunger Games Trailer Official 2012 [HD] - Jennifer Lawrence
Motivational Speech from Pursuit of Happiness