Severe Weather

By : Joshua Grant Parrish


What are Hurricanes?

A big storm that covers a large area.

WOW Fact:

Hurricanes can create tornadoes.

Weather Safety:

Stay inside during hurricanes.


What are Tornadoes?

A small storm that last less than an hour. Often called cyclones or twisters.

WOW Fact:

The biggest tornado ever recorded was the tri-state twister. It lasted up to over 3 hours!

Weather Safety:

Stay away from windows. The best place to go is a tornado safety room or a bathroom with no windows in the middle of the first story of your house.

Thunder Storms

What are Thunder Storms?

A storm that can have hail or flash floods.

WOW Fact:

Thunder storms can leave marks in trees and blue lightning could be found above clouds during a thunder storms.

Weather Safety:

Do not touch sinks or pipes because they can shock you during a thunder storm.