Doll-E 1.0 by Shanda McCloskey

January Book of the Month

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About the Book

Charlotte is always tinkering, coding, designing, and fixing. She's great at anything that has to do with technology. Then she gets a gift she can't figure out: a doll! She wonders what in the world she's supposed to do with a doll! When she discovers the doll's hidden battery pack she settles in to engineer a new friend.

About the Challenge

You get to design and build your own robot or doll out of found objects and scraps. Then you get to use Scratch and Makey Makey to build a database to make your doll or robot talk! How cool is that?

Stage One- Design and build a Robot or Doll

At Home

  1. Use found objects and recyclables to build your robot or doll. Here are some possible materials:

    Paper clips



    nuts/ washers

    Fabric scraps



    Pom pons


    Bottle caps

    Pipe cleaners


    Craft sticks


    Binder clips

    Craft glue

    Cardboard tubes

    Tiny cardboard boxes

    Empty thread spools

  2. Your doll or robot must be able to stand up by itself and it may not be taller than 10 inches.
  3. Your doll or robot must have 2 spots on it that do not touch that are made of conductive material. Here is a list of conductive and non-conductive materials.
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At School

If you want to design and build your doll or robot at school we will have a variety of materials for you to select from. There will be a recess time workshop for each grade level during the week of January 14-18.

Teachers will be given a sign up sheet.

Stage Two- Plan Your Phrase Database

  • Plan and write down 3-5 phrases you want to program your doll or robot to say

Stage Three- Program and Test

At School

  • During the week of January 21-25 we will have recess workshops for each grade level to code your robot or doll and test it using Makey Makey and Scratch.
  • Let your teacher know if you have a robot or doll and would like to attend a workshop.
  • Teachers will sign you up for a recess workshop.