Twitter at School?

So many possibilities

Tweeting? Twittering? What is all this??

Twitter is a microblogging tool that allows users to "follow" one another and receive updates from people or organizations all over the world

Some of the terminology:

Tweet: the actual update that cannot exceed 142 characters

Handle: the username indicated in a tweet by the @ symbol. For example: @barackobama

Hashtag: a way to group similar tweets indicated in a tweet by the # symbol. The hashtag marks keywords or topics allowing users to participate in conversations with other users.

Retweet: Forwarding another user's tweet in order to pass the message along.

But is it safe?

  • The Acceptable Use Policy may need to be revisited
  • Bullying is a possibility, so bullying laws certainly apply
  • Like any technology, there is a possibility for abuse; training would be necessary

Why Schools Should use Twitter by Joel Gagne