My Dream Job

Job Description

Screenwriter is a writer in which they write scripts for movies, plays, television shows, etc. They are involved in the creation and development of works of fiction and non-fiction.

Qualifications and Educational Requirements

Being a screenwriter takes a lot of skill in these areas: writing, imagination, and creativity. The usual courses that people may look for in a screenwriter may include courses in creative writing, creative arts, sometimes journalism or acting.

Fees for Education

Part-time job would be ideal for me to have spare time to write the scrpit for the movie

Skills for the job

Writing skills, buisness skills and creative writing skills


Dependening on the quality of the movie and the sales, I would earn from 5,000 to      100, 000 for 1 movie. 


By writing a movie, with the money i would earn, it would be a good foundation for me to write a better quality movie.


I chose this occuapation because it allows to me to be indepenant with my own work and creativity.

Additonal info:

A director of a movie may employ you to write a script of a movie with the directors story line