The Harlem Renaissance

Stand up for yourself, and your rights!! Zachary Marchinko

Harlem Renaissance Facts

  • After the end of slavery a new form of White supremacy started in what was called the new south were 90% of African Americans lived at the time.
  • This caused a huge migration of African Americans up north.
  • Langston Hughes was the most prolific writer of the Harlem Renaissance were we opposed white the influences of white writers.
  • Claude Mckay urged African Americans to stand up for their rights in his powerful verses.

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Po' Boy Blues

In this poem it starts off with a man from the south that has moved up north and is not happy with the north. He eventual falls in love his his girl who did not really love she only loved him for his money. The poem then ends in a sad manner with the man saying "I wish I had never been born" this is sad to me he wishes he was never born it is almost like suicide.

My Goals

A goal you can have can defer and change at any times this could be a injury that holds you out of a sport or not getting a part in a play. For me I have been hit by sickness before that has hurt my goals when it comes to running. These sickness forced me to lower my goals a little because I knew I was not at 100%.
Po Boy Blues by Langston Hughes