by: Carter Hattery

I chose Hephaestus because I like his story how he was cast out then accepted back in by the gods. We are alike because I like to make stuff like him.
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Roman name: Vulcan

Mother: Hera

Father: Zeus

Children: Erikhthonios

Spouse: Aphrodite

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1. Hera threw him off Mount Olympus because he was crippled

2. God of many crafts and volcanoes

3.Married Aphrodite to prevent a war of gods for her hand in marriage

4. Made all the weapons for the gods

5. It is said that Hera had Hephaestus because Zeus had Athena

6. His brother is Ares

7. He made Cupid's arrows

8. Made Hermes helmet and Achilles shield

9. Made more than weapons he made stone masonry and sculptures

10. Hephaestus sacred animal is the Donkey

Hephaestus is the god of fire

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