Brenda's Queen BEElievers!

December 2015 Newsletter


I'm so excited about the new year and everything to come!

Woo Hoo Queen Bees!! We had our best month since June!! And we had about 50% of consultants order!! So proud of you!! Huge congrats to Karen Robinson in being queen of wholesale and retail for the month and the year so far!!

I silver medaled (4 new recruits) and had 3 qualified recruits so I am going to the career conference lunch!! I also red jacketed this month.

I have a total of 9 qualifieds this year and 3 more active recruits. If I had started out as a brand new recruit in July I would be ready to submit for DIQ and I would have been on target for my car. You too can do that with consistency!

Thursday Night Meeting! EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT!

Thursday, Jan. 7th, 6:30-8:30pm

3910 Interstate 240 Service Road

Oklahoma City, OK

Because the building is so new your GPS won't find it by the address alone! Instead put in the Boomer Sports Complex into your GPS and we are right in front of it!


Happy Birthday!

  • Peggy Lea Dixon, Jan 1
  • Marshall Jr Dixon, Jan 4
  • Kortnee Lynne Jantz, Jan 10
  • Denise Bailey, Jan 18
  • Blake Jackson, Jan 23

Queen of wholesale, Karen Robinson!

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Karen had $1846 wholesale for the month of December!


3rd Quarter Star! Karen Robinson!

Already a Sapphire star just 3 weeks into the quarter! Way to go Karen! $1847 in wholesale credit!


Queen of recruiting, Brenda Austin!

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Brenda earned a silver medal (4 new team members) in December!

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Congrats On-Target 3rd Quarter Stars!!

Welcome New Team Members!

  • Jennifer Endecott - Brenda Austin’s Team
  • Kylene Glidewell - Brenda Austin’s Team
  • Kris Simmons- Brenda Austin’s Team
  • Carly Wilson - Brenda Austin’s Team
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Happy Anniversary!

  • Tammy Parker, Jan 3 - 2 Years
  • Charlotte Waters, Jan 17 - 1 Year
  • Debra Burcham, Jan 19 - 1 Year
  • Denise Bailey, Jan 26 - 1 Year
  • Sara Hays, Jan 26 - 1 Year
  • Nikki Sheil, Jan 26 - 1 Year
  • Kelly Marie Thomas, Jan 27 - 1 Year
  • Jaclyn Leann Walker, Jan 27 - 1 Year
  • Lavina Lynn Murray, Jan 28 - 1 Year
  • Mary Cone, Jan 29 - 1 Year
  • Ryan West, Jan 31 - Year