Access to H.E. Taster

Finding out a little more about each other!

Get Involved!

You are gathered here today because you have passed the initial assessments and had an interview.

Well Done so far!

This evening is all about getting involved! What's it like to be back in a classroom?

And what about university applications?

What the session will include:

6pm - welcome and expectations of the workshop


6:05 - 6:25 - What does the 21st Century Classroom look like?

6:25 - 645 - Short group presentations on the 21st Century Classroom

6:45 - 7pm - break


7 - 7:25 - Choosing the right university for you

7:25 - 7:45 - Personal Statements

7:45 - 8pm - Q&A and Feedback

What Next?

You will be notified whether you have been successful in your application, and receive a certificate of attendance for this evening.