What's Happening at School?

Graettinger-Terril/Ruthven-Ayrshire Schools October 2018

Balanced Literacy at Graettinger-Terril/Ruthven-Ayrshire Schools

The teachers at GT/RA are preparing lessons for students that provide a balance of literary activities. The preschool teachers work on letters and letters sounds, writing names, and introducing students to print. Our elementary teachers use whole group core instruction lessons to teach students grade level skills. Then small group reading lessons to meet student needs at their level of reading and writing. The middle school teachers lessons include literacy circles, writing, and KU writing strategies. At the high school level, along with the reading and language arts teachers, all teachers work to include reading and writing in their classrooms. This edition of What's Happening at School will share reading and writing activities at GT/RA.

Ruthven-Ayrshire Kindergarten Reading and Writing Project

2nd Grade Fluency Practice

The RA 2nd grade class practice their fluency in the video below as they read a poem about fall. Fluent reading is phrased with appropriate expression and intonation.

Cross-Curricular Writing Activity with the GT 8th Grade

Mrs. Jungers and Mrs. Goodchild worked together to create a writing lesson for science. The students wrote a children's book about effects of the atmosphere. Mrs. Goodchild worked with the topic of the book in science as Mrs. Jungers worked on writing and editing the book during language arts. The 8th grade then read their books to the GT 2nd grade students.
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K-6 Reading Assessments and Progress

Three times a year students are assessed on their reading skills. The students take a screening assessment to learn each student's current reading skills and identify students who need additional reading instruction. Students who are identified as needing supplemental help are progress monitored weekly to track improvement in reading. Once per year students take a state assessment to document general academic performance on all students in certain grades. Assessments help teachers improve instruction by showing what skills a student has mastered and which ones still need to be learned.

What do students do while teachers work with small groups?

RA Vocabulary Activity

Mrs. Kirk's 9th grade students did a vocabulary activity where they identified the word part, wrote the word in sentences, defined, drew a picture, then found synonyms and antonyms for the word.

GT/RA Classroom Libraries

Classroom libraries are created to entice young readers to get excited about reading. Students get excited about reading and they become better prepared for their future. Teachers use organizational styles that create interest for students.

Health Class Posters

Mr. Boe's health class made posters to create awareness of bullying.
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High School Sewing Class

Students in Mrs. Myers' high school sewing class were able to use the new sewing machine which was purchased with Perkins Funding. These funds are available for the purpose of assisting schools in the development of academic and technical skills of students who decide to enroll in career and technical education programs. This sewing machine has many programmed stitches used to create these beautiful pillow tops.

Grant Awarded to GT/RA

The Graettinger-Terril and Ruthven-Ayrshire Schools in conjunction with the Okoboji School district have been awarded a STEM Best Grant from the Governor’s STEM Council. The grant will provide the Districts with $25,000 to help launch a joint program called No Boundaries. As part of this grant, the school districts have also received $40,000 in In-kind donations from local businesses to support the program.

No Boundaries is a program which will provide students with work-embedded, problem-based learning opportunities. The No Boundaries Project is a joint venture between Graettinger-Terril, Ruthven-Ayrshire, Okoboji, and Spencer Community School Districts.