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Relying on someone for advice seems morally wrong to me, people should be able to learn for their selves whether things are wrong or right. Well at least that's how most things are discovered anyhow. Self-Reliance is seen as one's self being able to make their own decisions, while talking to counselors and other experts can help you learn what is right or wrong (the easier route in my opinion). In the since they or someone else has done or been in the situation before. People should make their own decisions because it allows them to learn from their own mistakes and determine their own outcomes.

Persuasive Essay Reflection

When I write, I do well in organizing my paper, staying on topic, and expressing how I feel about the given topic. However, I need to work on how to annotate my work, give better punctuation, and long better flowing paragraphs. The Self-Reliance essay, was my favorite because it was easier for me to give specific details on the topic. It also allowed me to express myself better rather than in the School Uniforms essay.


Antigone BioPoem


Brave, Courageous, Loyal

Sister to Polyneices, Eteocles, and Ismene

Who loves Haemon, her brother, and doing whats right

Fear, love, and uncertainty

Afraid of not burying her brother, having a shameful death, and disappointing herself

Buried her brother, a holy death, and found love

Her wedding, a happy life

Resides in Thebes

The Great