My Copper Project

By Elyssa Schneider

Copper and Copper Compounds

-Copper is a red or brown metal, with the chemical raction of 29. It is a ductile metal, and is a very good conductor of heat and electricity.

-One exaple of copper are US pennies.

*Copper Compounds:

-Examples: chloride, copper; chloride

-Copper compounds are formed by adding caustic soda to hot copper sulphate solutions or by treating copper scale with nitric acid and heating to redness.

-Copper Compounds can be seperated by chemical reactions

Chemical Formula,Coefficiants and Subscripts

Chemical Formula- A representation of a substance using symbols for its consecutive elements.




Coefficiant- a multiplier or factor that measures some some property.

Examples- 4x

Subscripts- a symbol used alone or with others





Similarites and Differences

Elements and Compounds


-Both are made of atoms

-Both have shemical change

-Both can be broken down


-Elements only have one type of matter.

-Compounds have one or more elements.

How To Count Atoms In A Element

Look at the amount you have of each element on each side and add the numbers on either side. After, add necessary coefficiants until both sides become equal.