Denary to binary Conversion

How to add binary

what is binary

binary is a language that computers use to represent data for instance ( 10010011) is 8 bits a byte

single 1 or 0 is a bit

4 bis 1001 is a nibble /

binary is base 2= computer in a 8 bit binary it can only go up to 255 beacause all the number in a 8bit binary up to 255

denary is base 10= humans

understanding denary

unlike binary, the denary system goes 1,10,100,1000....... and so on

binary stops at 128. That shows that denary system is more complex than he binary one

denary to binary

to do this conversion pick a number under 255

go hough the list of numbers then you find out witch numbers go into the list it goes up to 128