Tragic Skittles

no worries...

Welcome to the cure for type 2 diabetes

Introducing Tragic Skittles .... These little green things have the same taste as green skittles its so sour that you can not even taste the medicine going in you. Our company knows that there are many treatments for type 2 diabetes but our medicine gives satisfaction to adults and their bodies, almost everyone sees improvements !

What does this stuff really do ?

It helps with weight, because most of the time, if you have type 2 diabetes one of the symptoms is to gain weight. For example , suppose this person is trying to lose weight because of this symptom and how he / she is doing this is by going on a diet or exercising ... these small things accelerate weight loss times 10.

Side- Affects

All of the side-affects are put into affect the week after you the take the medicine and the side-affects last 4 days after you take the medicine , DEFINITELY ask your doctor if you can take this!!

The Price....

It cost about 115 to 190 depending how much your buying.