The Battle of Fredericksburg

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Date and where it happened

December, 11-15th 1862, in Spotsylvania county and Fredericksburg, Virigina.

What happened

On August 6th President Lincoln appointed General Burnside in command of the army of Potomac. On December 11 1862, Union began crossing the Rappahannock. On Dec. 13 Burnside begins his attack against General Lee and his armies. On Dec. 14 Burnside asks Lee to make a truce so Burnside could tend to his wounded soliders, Lee agreed. On Dec. 15 General Burnside retreated resulting in a confederate victory. 6 weeks afterward Lincoln withdrew General Burnside from command and appointed Joseph Hooker as the general of the army of Potomac.

Significance of event

The victory at Fredericksburg restored confederate morale after General Lee's unsuccessful military campaign in Maryland.

Interresting fact

There was around 17,929 casualties in the battle.

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