Early December Update

Mrs. Davis' Fourth Grade

Native American Projects and Reports

In the two weeks prior to the Thanksgiving break, the students were busy reading, researching, writing and building. The effort paid off with AMAZING results! Students were able to chose a format for presenting their learning. Fact books, folder reports, web pages and even an A-Z poster were created. The students helped to create the grading rubric, gave peer feedback and scored their own projects. All students will be meeting with me this week to conference about their strengths and challenges with the project. I hope they will be sharing the feedback with YOU! If they don't, please ASK!

Change For Chickens! Our Holiday Gift to the World.

Two days before Thanksgiving the students discussed all that they have in their lives for which they are THANKFUL. We explored what families around the world have to eat each week in a text called What the World Eats and discussed the similarities and differences. Then I read aloud Beatrice's Goat. This book retells the true story of a young girl in Uganda whose entire life is changed by the gift of a goat from school children in Niantic, through Heifer International.

Students learned how what we view as a very small gift CAN change a life. Although each of us may not be able to make a large impact on our own, we can make a difference in our world BY WORKING TOGETHER. Students spent time discussing the saying, "Give a man a fish and he eats for one day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime."

My challenge to the students is to earn $1.00 between now and the winter holiday to be placed in our "Change for Chickens" container. We will then make a donation, as a class, to Heifer International to purchase a flock of chickens for a family in need. This will serve as their holiday gift to me!

Learn more about Heifer International and the work they do by clicking on the link below and by asking your child to tell you about Beatrice!