Carl Jung

For what is he most famous for?

Carl Jung was a Swiss psychiatric and founder of analytical psychology. He is best known for his theories of the Collective Unconscious, including the concept of archetypes, and the use of synchronicity in psychotherapy.

2. How did his research affect the field of psychology?

His contributions to psychologists, psychiatrics, and other mental health workers perform their work today. Carl Jung is considered one of the most prominent thinkers in the field of psychology. He proposed that psyche exists in three parts: ego, personal unconscious, and collective unconscious. Jung coined the term individuation process to describe the full interrogation of conscious and unconscious mind, which is essential to becoming a whole and fully developed person. The terms introvert and extrovert made their appearance in our everyday vernacular thanks to Jung. An introvert is someone who is withdrawn, favor ideas over people, and like quiet isolated environments. An extrovert is someone who is socially-oriented, stimulated by other people and the outside world.