Evidence of Evolution

By:Jenna K.

Biochemical Evidence

Biochemical evidence supporting evolution is in the form of anatomical and chemical similarities between spicies. There are also the genetic changes that are recorded in living organisms over many generations. Fossils also give scientists an accurate representation of what forms of life once resembled, so that there is a record that proves change.

To the right is a comparison of a human,cat,whale,and bat skeleton. As you can see it is a very similar bone structure. Another example would be how pigs need their appendix and us humans don't.Another example would be that several animals, including pigs, cattle, deer, and dogs have dewclaws. Biochemical things have very close DNA like humans and monkeys.

Anatomical Evidence

Remains of animals and plants found in sedimentary rocks give us a record of past changes through periods of time.Anatomical means similar structure. This evidence shows fact that there has been a tremendous variety of living things. Some extinct species had traits that were transitional between major groups of organisms. Their existence shows that species are not fixed but can evolve into other species over time. Some things have useless parts such as whales have leg bones that they don't need.Or Whales and bats have a similar bone structure in their arms.The embryo in some species are very similar,if you compare a pig and a human it is very alike.

Palentoligacal Evidence

We have evidence of fossils found every where that tell us evolution is possible. For example whale fossils have been found on land with leg bones on them. whales now don't have legs and those bones are much smaller. Another example would be how ''Lucy" have features like a human but is built a little differently. Maybe she is an ancestor of ours.