Overcame endless obstacles

By: Julia Zwolinski

Once a small town girl, now a mother of two, in an unknown world

Many dream of traveling to the United States for a better life. Many are hopeful, but language barriers are rough and do not help with communication. Though far from home, family, and friends, she succeeded in the end. This is the story of my amazing hero, my mom, who immigrated to America 15 years ago. Please enjoy!

Heroes don't have to be stereotypes

Most people think of heroes as intelligent, masculine, and tall. They are thought of very highly because of their bravery. However, a hero is someone who doesn't have to fit a stereotype. Anyone can be a hero. It can even be a little sister. One might think of superman, or firefighters saving people from 9/11 as heroes. In reality, a hero is so much more than just a person saving someone from an unsafe situation or life threatening event. A hero is a person of any age that is selfless and doesn't receive or expect any attention from his or her action; a hero also takes risks for him or herself.

Harriet Tubman, my untouchable hero

Imagine living your life under oppression and eternal labor. Imagine breaking free, but risking your hardly-worked-for freedom to go back to help others escape bondage. This is what Harriet Tubman endured. A hero is a person who acts selflessly and is able to take risks. My untouchable hero, Harriet Tubman, did just this. Growing up as a slave, she spent her childhood being beaten and working endless hours. Tubman escaped from slavery, but, due to her big heart, she felt as though she could not be content unless others who went through the same were free. Tubman created the Underground railway and freed hundreds of slaves. Tubman is a true hero due to selflessness and her courageous actions.

Our family celebrating my mom's 50th birthday!

Immigrations effect on the United States

Out of the 323 million people in America, 41.3 million of them are immigrants, or a whopping 12.7 percent (Zong). Immigrants are everywhere. Without them, America would not have certain jobs or technology advances that are present in everyday lives. Many citizens of America know or have ancestors that immigrated to the United States at one point. Whether someone is Polish, German, Russian or another ethnicity, most likely, their ancestors came to America. Immigration impacts the entire economy. European immigrants benefited America by helping the economy thrive and increasing diversity.

Something for My Hero

Dear Mom,

Thank you for being so strong and preserving! Thank you for not giving up when it was rough. Although you struggled at first, you became an inspirational to all! Your humbleness, and kindness makes you shine and stand out from the rest. You are a true hero due to your ability to take risks. I can't imagine a world without you!

With Love,

Julia Zwolinski

Mom's Diary

September 1st, 1992:

Today is my first day at Northwestern Dental School. I do not know anybody and sometimes I can’t understand the material. I miss my friends and family.

December 8th, 1992:

I am starting to understand the material a little more. I am hopeful for the future.

May 12th, 1993:

Sorry I haven't written in a while. I have been very busy with Dental Exams and I have rarely any free time.

April 30th, 1994:

I am coming close to the end of the school year. Exams are getting harder and I am extremely stressed. Thank goodness I have such a supportive husband and family back in Poland!

September 1st, 1994:

I have finally finished Dental School! I am so glad and proud of myself for preserving through 4 years of school. I have gained so much from this experience and am ready to what’s to come! Maybe even starting a family.

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