2015 Library Review

Report for Annual Evaluation

Goal 1: Increase Library Circulation by 5% or more

Circulation has increased by 8% this year, even though the library was closed for the first 3 weeks of school. Last year there were 4630 books checked out. This year there have been 4996 books checked out. This does not include all of the books I have borrowed from other campuses, which brings the number to over 5000 books.

Goal 2: Create a School-wide Reading Program to Improve Reading Skills

This year we created a reading program as an extension of our current book club. As a pilot for this program, we promoted a book through a video book trailer shown to students during 4th period. Students were encouraged to find out how they could get a free book (quantities limited). We gave away all of our books and many students have already mentioned to me how much they are loving the book! We will continue this program next year, giving away at least one free book per month, or 1000 books over the course of the school year.

Goal 3: Attend the Texas Library Association Conference in Austin, Texas

I attended the TLA annual conference in Austin this year and received tons of professional development through the keynote speakers, workshops, and authors. I learned about emerging technologies, new young adult literature, utilizing online resources and databases more effectively, and collaboration. It was time and money well-spent!

Goal 4: Set Up Online Teacher Profiles Campus Wide

I have worked with the district Webmaster to set up the online teacher profiles. After experiencing some difficulties with the process, I have now obtained access to create future profile access codes for new teachers. All teachers and faculty have the ability to set up these profiles, and many have already done so. I have conducted an all-staff training, emailed instructions to all staff and provided individual training and help upon request.