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Week of October 1, 2018


This Week at MBMS

Friday, October 5: End of Interims

Looking Ahead

Monday, October 8: Two Hour Early Dismissal

Monday, October 15: MBMS Flu Clinic

Tuesday, October 16: Interims Distributed

Friday, October 19: Two Hour Early Dismissal

SMCPS 2018-2019 School Calendar

Press for the monthly calendar of important SMCPS dates.

Morning Parent Drop Off Procedures

We continue to experience a traffic back-up during the morning parent drop off. I would like to ask parents who drop their children off in the morning to assist us by following the procedure below. The parking lot and drop off area is not ideal so we all need to understand and follow the process to reduce the back up. Thank you in advance.

  • A MBMS staff member, Mr. Kamp, will be on duty at 7:40 to supervise children prior to the 7:45 bell.
  • Once Mr. Kamp arrives, students in the cars that are lined up on the curb should exit the vehicle on the side closest to the sidewalk and walk to the flag pole area. Parents should then continue around the parking lot to the exits allowing for the next line of cars to pull forward.
  • Parents who do not want their student to stand outside and wait for the bell should park their vehicle in a parking spot so the drop off line can continue flow. Those parents will need to walk their child to the sidewalk once the 7:45 bell rings to ensure their child's safety in the parking lot.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Counselors' Corner

Please read the attached letter concerning upcoming classroom presentations.

Genevieve Fundraiser

The Genevieve's fundraiser is still going on until October 11! SELL, SELL, SELL! The top seller will receive a prize and students who sell ten or more items will be invited to an ice cream social catered by Sweet Frog!

Panther Pride T-Shirt Fundraiser

The 6th grade is conducting a fundraiser to increase school pride with out Panther Pride t-shirt.

The Flu Clinic is Coming To MBMS on October 15!

If you want your child to be vaccinated, please:

1. Complete the consent form online at OR fill out every section of the attached Consent Form. If you fill out the paper consent, write neatly and use ink. Only fill out the hard copy consent or the online consent. Do NOT fill out both.

2. Use your insurance card to fill out your insurance information accurately. Your insurance company will be billed. There is no co-pay or deductible. You will NOT be charged by us or your insurance company.

3. Read the Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) and talk to your health care provider or the school nurse about any questions you have.

4. Return the consent form no later than October 5, 2018.

To complete the consent form online, go to:

Student Handbook and Student Code of Conduct

Please take a few minutes to review the SMCPS Student Handbook and Student Code of Conduct presentation. This presentation will also be shared with students.