Factoring Polynomials

Eight Types! I Can Do This!

Types of questions

Each type of question has it's own characteristics but the goal for all is to take the sum and make a product.

The six types are GCF; Grouping; Trinomial(l.c of 1) Trinomial (l.c. not 1) Trinomial(Perfect Square); Difference of Squares; Difference of Cubes; Sum of Cubes.

GCF: Greatest Common Factor

The GCF can be a number or a variable or both. Every factoring problem should be tested for a GCF. Every answer should be checked for a GCF in case you didn't see it at the beginning of the problem.

Grouping: Hint: Four terms

Trinomial: Leading Coefficient not 1.

Hint: three terms (Should be in the form x^2 + bx + c.