Lanham Lowdown

4th Grade News

June 4, 2015

Important Dates

Last Day of School

Thursday, June 4th

Solar Cooking Fun

The class has really impressed me with their ability to think and work out problems, especially during our science projects. For the past few weeks, the students have teamed up and make ovens to cook marshmallows to make s'mores. All the groups had success and we learned a lot about waves, heat, and problem solving along the way. The class enjoyed using our cookers on Monday and I enjoyed the design project just as much as they did! See below for some pictures.

I can't believe the school year has come to an end already, but we ended it on a great note!

Our Favorite Memories

Joey - Mile Run

Amanda - Movie Reward Party

Aaron - Reading Ruby Holler

Mason - Midway Village Field Trip

Nate - Clay in art

Olivia - Movie Reward Party

Audrey - Reading Among the Hidden

Aidan C. - Fall Party

Alex - Fun Run

Peyton - Reading a lot of books

Anthony E. - Battle of the Books

Madeline - Winter Party

Allison - Reading Dealing with Dragons

Caitlyn - Watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Ellie - Battle of the Books

Jack - Reading Ruby Holler

Isabel - Egg and Car Design Challenge

Noah - Making Solar Cookers

Michael - Clay in art

Zyon - Battle of the Books

Aiden S. - Midway Village Field Trip

Adem - Fun Run

Darya - Clay in art

Alyssa - Reading Worth

Lizzy - Reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Gabby - Making Solar Cookers