Third Grade News

Week of August 31st

Classroom News

We stared our Butterfly Project two weeks ago. We have watched our eggs hatch into caterpillars and are now observing our caterpillars as they eat and grow each day. We have been learning many facts about caterpillars and butterflies (mainly Monarch butterflies which is what we have). The reason I do this project every year is because my biology teacher from High School needed some help with tracking the Monarch population which has really declined over the years. She works with an organization that is trying to build the population back up. Once we have our butterflies, we will tag the butterflies (put a little sticker on their wings with a tracking number). We are also going to do a butterfly exchange (with paper butterflies) with a school in Mexico (where the butterflies will migrate to) and learn more about their culture. I love this project because it can be used across the entire curriculum for reading, writing, math, problem solving, science, and art. Be sure to ask your child about their caterpillar! They all have names!


Midterms will be going home THIS Wednesday, so be on the lookout for those. I will also be in touch with you via phone call so we can discuss your child's grades as of now.


Please make sure your child is reading each and every night. For AR, I only require that they take 1 test per week (so 9 by the end of the 9 weeks). They will be rewarded for the points they get. If they take more tests , that will only help their AR grade which is apart of their final Reading grade. The students should be reading books in their level which they know what color(s) they can read.

Spelling Tests

Every Friday we take our Spelling tests in our Word Work Notebooks. If you want to see how your child is doing on their Spelling tests, please check the back of their notebook behind the blue tab.

I have made a deal with the students that if they get all of their words, including the bonus words correct, they get one night free of Spelling homework the following week.

What We're Learning This Week

Writing: Poetry

Reading: Kumak's Fish, sequence, visualizing (Spelling, Vocabulary, and Reading test on Friday)

Spelling: Endings with -ed, -ing, -er, -est

Math: Addition with 2 and 3 digit numbers, adding money

Science: Butterfly Project

Social Studies: Communities

Important Dates

Sept. 2 - PTO Meeting 5:30 PM

Sept. 7 - No School (Labor Day)

Sept. 8-12 Scholastic Book Fair

Sept. 8 - Pizza Hut Fundraiser Day (20% of sales come back to CCA!)

Sept. 9 - Grandparents Breakfast 7:00 AM

Sept. 9 - Board Meeting 6:30 PM

Sept. 11 - 3rd Grade AG Day at Fairgrounds (more info to come)

Sept. 11- 12 - Canaan Fall Festival (the parade will be on Sat. at 10:30 AM)

Sept. 15 - Mobile Dentist visit

Sept. 16 - Summer Challenge Field Trip

Sept. 17 - Family Literacy Night 6:00-7:30 PM

Sept. 24 - Vision Screening for grade 3rd and 5th