Motivation Monday 4/20/15

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Sharpen the Saw

Good morning! I hope you all are finding time to sharpen the saw in what can be a stressful season at work. Apparently I haven’t done a good job hiding my stress since 4 people stopped by my office Friday afternoon and told me in a serious voice that I needed to go home and sharpen the saw. Well, I took your advice and spent Friday night with some friends and all day Saturday with my family at the zoo and then cuddling during the storms. I found this photo this weekend it is so true! I’m hoping that the time I dedicated to sharpening the saw this weekend will help me have a more efficient week ahead. Enjoy this installment of Motivation Monday!

(PS there will be yummy popcorn in the lounge today for you. Enjoy!)

Shout-Out! These are some examples of engaging strategies emailed to Susan last week.

Something Funny!

I wish my teacher knew....

I am sure that many of you have seen the below article, but if not, please check it out as it is so powerful. What do you think your students wish you knew? Thinking of "seek first to understand", we want to know, but probably have no idea what it is. I encourage you to take a few minutes to read this article and consider asking your students to tell you what they wish you knew. It may completely change your paradigm.

I Wish my Teacher Knew

In the meantime, it made me wonder what you all wish Susan and I knew about you. If someone asked me to tell what "I wish my teachers knew about me", it would be that I wish my teachers know that while I have a family to worry about, I wake up in the middle of the night worrying that we are balancing inspiring and valuing our teachers contributions with giving them valuable feedback that will move them forward. I worry every single day about this balance.This made me wonder, what do our teachers wish we knew about them that would enable us to support them better? 2 random people that email both Susan and I with their response to this will be chosen to earn a 30 min duty or classroom coverage: I wish my principals knew that....