Surviving Verkhoyansk , Russia

By, Kara Downs

Location, Geogrophy and Climate

Verkhoyansk is on the continent of Asia, and is also pretty close to the arctic circle which is why it lies on the coldest place on Earth outside of Antarctica. The lowest recorded temperature is -90 degrees Fahrenheit, in fact the monthly temperature is -47.9 F - 61.7 F. Verkhoyansk is a Mountain region, which explains how its over 430ft. above sea level.

Steps needed to survive

  • To survive in this place, you must wear fur to keep the cold out or you'll definitely be freezing.
  • You must find some from of food, berries or an animal
  • To live, your body needs water so find some sort of clean water supply, a river for example.
  • You MUST find shelter so the constant cold wind doesn't constantly beat on you and to hide from predators.

Animal Life

Animals in Verkhoyansk include wolves, elk and reindeer (caribou). The main animal though, is wolves. Although they may be very dangerous, they are a prime source of food. A wolf has the advantage of being faster than you and if it catches you, it could lead to you getting mauled....

Plant life

In Verkhoyansk, you can imagine that it is cold meaning there aren't a bunch of plant's that are there, really there are trees and permafrost. Trees deem a very helpful plant to you, providing you shelter and possibly food if you know where to look.