Should scientists test products made for humans on animals?

Stop the testing!

I will be arguing against animal testing as day to day, 3226 animals die from lab testing for cosmetic products, household products, and medical experiments.
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First of all...

There are alternatives to testing! Thanks to the developing technology of today, we can now use human cells to recreate skin, flesh, and even eyes! Yet, laboratories still prefer to see how much time it takes for a new product to burn through a rabbits eye, or a new anti-itch cream to remove the hair off of a rat's head. Also, most animal tests; if not all; are probably inaccurate as ANIMALS aren't the same as HUMANS.

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Second of all...

Animal testing is MUCH more expensive than non-animal testing, and non-animal testing can provide quicker, cheaper, and more informative research. Yet, laboratories still insist to "test on live things" instead of the better alternatives out there. U.S. Environmental Groups and several other cosmetic and household industries, are simply ignoring the 21st century's advancements, and preferring to use the crude, uninformative ways of research.
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Third of all...

WE are part of the reason this is happening! I mean, we demand cosmetics and household products, and the animals have to pay for it, by supplying their lives for the research behind these products.Plus, do we really need ANOTHER brand of eyeliner or window cleaner? If you do, please click down below to shop for animal-test free products, or how to find animal-cruelty free products.WE can make the difference, if YOU are willing to try.

And so...

I hope I've informed you properly on this topic, and convinced you to go against animal testing, or at least to protect the same animals who make our world possible and existing. Thank you for reading!


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