The Kings of the Vast Blue Ocean

The Colossal Killer Whale vs the Great White Shark

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Imagine, two top predators of the great blue ocean getting ready to face one another in a battle of existence. The Killer Whale and the Great White Shark are two powerful, enormous creatures who rule the ocean. If there is a battle between a Killer Whale and a Great White Shark, who do you think will win? It is clear that the Killer Whale would win the fight against a Great White because of its intelligence and its speed.

Three times the size

The brain of the Killer Whale is beyond that of a human. A Killer Whale’s brain is three times the size of an average human brain. Since the Killer Whale’s brain is so huge, the Killer Whale is intelligent and can process information quickly. Its powerful brain allows itself to maneuver through the ocean to outsmart the Great White Shark. The Killer Whale will triumph over the Great White shark because of its overpowered, intelligent brain. Even though the Great White shark is big, its brain is barely the size of an average human brain. Additionally, the shark’s brain has different sections that are connected to the senses, which only allows the shark to do certain things. On the other hand, the Killer Whale’s brain allows it to make choices. The Killer Whale’s brain undoubtedly surpasses that of the Great White shark, which is definitely a reason why the Killer Whale will win a fight.

Lightning fast

The Great White Shark is fast which can be scary because of its big mouth, loaded with sharp teeth speeding towards you. However, in a battle of speed, the Killer Whale will once again win. The Great White Shark can only swim up to 20 MPH, but the Killer whale swims up to 30 MPH. The Killer Whale's tail is made for speed. It is also made for jumping out of the ocean and diving quickly. Since the Killer Whale is so speedy, the Great White shark and other sea creatures can’t keep up. The Killer Whales speed is certainly an advantage that it has against its enemies.

The Killer Whale Prevails

Because of the strengths of the Killer Whale, it would without question win a battle with a Great White shark.The Killer Whale’s Brain is more advanced than a Great White Shark’s brain, which means that it could outsmart the Great White Shark. In a batte of speed, the Killer Whale has the upper hand because it can swim to 30 MPH while the Great White Shark can only swim up to 20 MPH. The Great White Shark is incapable of these two qualities that the Killer Whale has. Combined, its intelligence and its speed make the Killer Whale an unstoppable creature of the sea.

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