Sidney Bechet

1920's Jazz

Jazz's Impact

  • Jazz is considered America's greatest contribution to music.

  • Jazz was a integral part of the 1920's American culture. Because this genre of music was so diverse and interesting it attracted people from every area of society. It also backed the Women's Liberation Movement as it was against the set ways of society.


07. Sidney Bechet - Petit Fleur by cibakos
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Sidney Bechet

  • Sidney Bechet was one of the most popular jazz soloists of the 1920's.
  • He made the soprano saxophone a voice in 1920's jazz, and was the undisputed soprano saxophone king.
  • He played in many different groups, but one of the more famous groups was the Clarence Williams Blue Five, with Louis Armstrong.
  • Bechet played throughout the United States, and also played in different parts of Europe.
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levan pavlenishvili

Sidney Bechet-St.Louis Blues by levan pavlenishvili

A Long Lasting Impact

  • Sidney was the first (Well known) person to play the soprano saxophone, and was successful in giving it a standing voice in jazz music.
  • Today this instrument is still used in jazz music, and this is mostly likely due to Sidney Bechet.
  • Additionally, Sidney inspired many other jazz musicians such as Johnny Hodges, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Bob Wilber, and Branford Marsalis just to name a few.
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