Spane Lorn


Hobbies, Activities

I don't have many hobbies but the few I have I still am not good at them.
  • Bowling
  • Play the games
  • chores
  • food



My favorite has been Buhler high school I don't have a favorite teacher.
  • el paso
  • pray woodman
  • prairie hills
  • Buhler high school

about Lane

There are a number of people that are important to me but im only going to name off my close family.
  • My mother
  • Jayde- My Step-mother
  • Ian- My older brother
  • Grant- My little brother
  • Taylor- My little sister
  • Charlie- My baby sister


I would like to attend Texas state because they have a good education process on the career that I would like to peruse.

contact info

Tiffany Sporn (mom)- 316-821-1464
home(I don't know who will answer- 620-543-5541