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Candling Eggs to Check For Viability

Take the time to candle

These are the last few days that we can candle the eggs before "lockdown" begins.

Candling is simply using a light source (like a flashlight) to view the interior of the egg. It allows us to check the stage of development and, if necessary, remove eggs that have not developed and those that show signs of infection.

Remove "bad" eggs quickly

Don't let one bad egg spoil the whole bunch.

When candling, remove any eggs that look “bad” or eggs that smell. Eggs that are contaminated can explode (yikes!) and because egg shells are porous, bacteria can be transmitted to other eggs and ruin the whole hatch.

Candling the easy way

All you need is a flashlight and a dark room.

Turn on a flashlight in a dark room - like the bathroom! After washing and drying your hands, remove the eggs from the incubator one at a time and shine a flashlight through the eggs.

(Thanks, Brenham Elementary for the lesson!)

Not sure what to look for?

The resource below may help if you need help on what to look for when candling eggs.

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