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Amazing News!!!!! We are Coming Back!!

We have been given the green light to open our school for students through grade 6 beginning this coming Tuesday (Sept. 8th). Our 7th and 8th graders have a little more time to wait. Likely, we will have to wait 7-14 days (from next Tuesday) to make sure the trend holds and we can remain in the moderate range before bringing the middle schoolers back. I met with the teachers after school today and they unanimously voted to bring the kids back on Tuesday, instead of waiting for another week. This means a lot of work on their part with schedules and curriculum changes, but they are happy to do it so they can have the kids at school in person. We realize this is short notice and we will need to be flexible as people get their schedules adjusted for this news. The teachers will reach out to you with more specifics, but plan for the following beginning Tuesday, Sept. 8th:

PK/K (No changes) -

  • Drop off between 7:30 - 8 am
  • Park in the same spaces where you have been parking and walk your child to the exterior door to the classroom. Once they pass the health check, you may leave and they will enter the classroom.
  • Pick up will be between 2:30 - 3 pm daily. Once again, you will park and pick up from the exterior door to the classroom.

1st to 6th Grade -

  • You will pull through as a carpool line, entering the parking lot at the stop light near the office. Go to the row closest to the building.
  • Your child/ren will get out of the car and will go through a health screening with temperature check. Once they pass the screening, you may leave. Please do not leave until given the ok to do so.
  • You will exit the parking lot near the church.

7th to 8th Grade -

  • Online learning (remote) will continue from 8 am - 12 pm daily, with afternoon cohorts from 1 - 3pm. Mr. Farias will be in touch with you to see if we can get the kids in more often for cohorts, due to the small size of the class. Hopefully, we can bring these kids back as soon as possible.

Once again, we have additional personnel and procedures in place for enhanced and frequent cleanings, as well as health screenings and anything else we need to do to get kids back in the classroom and keep them safe.


  • Please send children with a snack and lunch each day, as we are not operating our Federal Meals/Hot Meals program at this time.
  • Do your best with uniforms. I know this is short notice, so if you are still getting something on order, it is ok. Just do your best with what you can to have the kids in the proper uniform shirt, pants/shorts, and/or skirt/jumper next week.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to myself or the teachers if you have any questions/concerns. We will see most of you on Tuesday in person!! Please check out the attached letter from the Tacoma Pierce County Health Dept. (below).


Katie Dempsey