To Laugh

By @vinepbj

Why Do People Laugh?

Why do people laugh randomly about random videos or photos? People laugh because their soul was filled with joy watching or looking at something. The joy attomatically runs through their body causing that person to giggle. That person won't ever laugh the same way they did the first time looking at the photo or video.

What Usually Makes People Laugh?

'Vine' an online digital app for Android and Apple, is filled with hilarious videos called vines. But, usually the vines are about people saying or doing funny things. I can't explain what makes people laugh because there is probably over 100 things that make people laugh. But the best way to make someone laugh is to tell a funny joke or do something funny. I like to make my mom laugh by dancing in a weird way... It always makes her day too! Speaking of, laughing will change someones day into a great day! No matter what you do, make someone laugh it will make them happy! Even if they don't laugh, maybe they are laughing inside..

Watch this video and lets see if I make your day!!

Funniest Kids on Vine Compilation

Some People Say I Laugh Weird...

Excuse me? I laugh like a dying dolphin, and I don't care at all! I love my laugh because it makes me feel good to laugh. Don't let ANYONE tell you that you laugh weirdly because 99.9% of the world laughs weirdly. The 1% of the would who laugh normally is odd because not many people laugh 'normally'.. If that makes sense.. Here let me put it this way, the 99.9% of the people who laugh weirdly are honestly laughing normally because HELLO 99.9% of the world laugh like you!! :)
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- Sincerly @Vinepbj