3rd Grade Newsletter

Week of 10/14-10/18

Upcoming Events

October 14-18: ROE Book Fair this week 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Tuesday, October 15: Painting with the Hawks & Book Fair 6-7 pm

Friday, October 25: Hawk Awards Assembly 8:15 am (you will be notified if your child is receiving an award)

Thursday, October 31: Storybook Character Dress-up Day // Fall Treat Bags

Tuesday, November 5: ROE Veteran's Day Program 7 pm

Wednesday, November 13: Colors for Caring Day

Thursday, November 21: Parent-Teacher Conferences 4 pm - 8 pm

Friday, November 22: Parent-Teacher Conferences 8 am - 12 pm

November 25-29: Thanksgiving Break

FOCUS of the Week

ELAR: I can learn more about traditional tales and analyze descriptive language in a myth. I can learn the difference in the use of homophones.

Math: I can represent and solve problems using multiple strategies to add and subtract three-digit and four-digit numbers in one-step and two-step word problems. I can use UPScheck problem-solving strategy to help me solve these problems.

Social Studies: I can use a scale to determine the distance between places on maps and globes. I can create and interpret maps of places and regions that contain map elements, including a title, compass rose, legend, scale, and grid system.

Science: I can explore different forms of energy and observe forces such as pushes and pulls.

Daily Folders

Your student has a daily Take Home Folder. Please check this folder on a weekly basis. There are graded papers coming home, behavior notes, flyers for events, details for picture days, and notes from teachers. Please sign your child's folder at least once per week so that we know you are seeing it. If you want to check it and sign it daily, that ensures the most up-to-date communication between home and school and we appreciate that so much!