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Weekly Newsletter

A Note From Ms. Salazar

I apologize for the delay in our newsletter! Here is 3S's update for you from last week.

Things to know:

Make up days will follow the day of the schedule that was missed so...

Monday 4/14: Day 1

Tuesday, 4/15: Day 3

Wednesday, 4/16: Day 1

Monday 4/21: Day 5

Field Trip next Wednesday 4/23. If you are interested in chaperoning, please send me an email. Currently we only have 1 parent interested in chaperoning this walking trip. We will be back around 12:30.

Take Your Child To Work: Thursday 4/25. If you are planning to take your child to work, please send in the form (attached to the email).

Student Characteristic Profile: Due 4/25

If you would like to share information about your child before we make our classes for next year you can fill out the Student Characteristic Profile Sheet. I have attached it to the email for your convenience.

I hope you have been enjoying the beautiful weather!


Ms. Elsa Salazar

*Social Studies Madness Students*

By Gianna & Jack

This week was an AWESOME Social Studies lesson. We talked about what a government is. We watched brain pop videos to learn what a government is and what rights and responsibilities are.

We made projects for the end of the social studies unit which was learning about what history was like back then. We got to make up our own community. We got some some Flat

Friends back from relatives / friends and shared some of them by reading the letter they sent us, sharing pictures, and telling where our Flat Friends went.

Johnny said his favorite part of social studies is “sharing flat friends!!” Brianna said “my favorite part of social studies is making up our communities!!!”

Writing Wonders

By Audrey & Brianna

Welcome to Action News, today we have a special report from Elizabeth Haddon School. Audrey and Brianna’s Writing Report. This week in 3S we wrote persuasive writing . We wrote speeches . One of our speeches was trying to convince Mr.Ogelby our principal to give us extra recess during NJASK testing time. On Friday we got the results drum roll please , he said,…………..”YES!” we were so excited about the results.

Also this week we wrote about noteworthy people. For example if someone isn’t noticed as much as they should be, we wrote about a person that we know of like that. Another thing we learned about was problems and solutions. We went around our school and made solutions for that problem and wrote an entry for it. For example Julia’s problem and solution was that there are too many monkey balls and we should compost them. THANKS FOR LISTENING, SEE YOU NEXT TIME ON ACTION NEWS!ADIOS! JJJJJ

The proposal:

Extra recess

Mr. Ogelby's Response:

Extra Recess


By Karlie, Terry, and Jeremy

This week in math we are learning about lattice and partial products. The first topic we’re going to talk about is partial products which is the method that Albert Einstein would use. What you have to do for it is write your two numbers and you multiply and add your zeros if it is in the tens and hundreds place. For example: 43 x 32 = ?

Next we are going to talk about lattice (not lettuce!). Lattice is where you use a square and divide it into parts. Then put the numbers on each side. Then you do lines from each corner to corner. Then you multiply the number except if they are on the same side. On each diagonal you add to get the digit. So 24 x 48 = 1152. That is how you lattice and partial products!