5.1 Weekly Update

2016 Pan American Academy Charter School


As I prepare for Institute, I always find myself being nostalgic about when I finally became a teacher. I was so excited as a CM going into Institute, and I wanted to be an amazing teacher for my students. Part of why I love Institute is because I get to meet so many people with this excitement, who truly want to make an impact. Also, Institute is an amazing opportunity to collaborate with people who are some of the best in the business, which I know has helped me really grow as an educator. Helping our students succeed is what it’s all about, but part of why I keep coming back to Institute is so that I can meet amazing people like our future CMs and you all. I can’t wait to work with you all this summer and make a difference in the lives of students at Pan American.


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Action Items

ISAT Exploration (FYI)

ISAT exploration activities will be available beginning 5/13 (it was mentioned as this week in our scope and sequence). Amanda will signal when you need to begin the exploration in an upcoming update.

CMA Action Items

Review CMA Facilitation Schedule for Weeks 1 and 2** and CMA Session Site (30-60 min during this week)

This document lists out the weeks 1 and 2 CMA sessions. Because we're not fully staffed with CMAs yet, each of you should plan to lead facilitate each of the week one CMA sessions. For right now, this is just FYI. When a third CMA is added (yay!) it's likely that some shifts will be made but you should prepare as a lead facilitator in case it is later in the spring that we get a new staff member. Because ISAT isn't ready for exploration yet, there isn't much you can do with the first session. Since this is a light week in CMA spring work, please take some time this week to familiarize yourself with the session resources available to you for each of the week one sessions.

Coming out of the adult facilitation session at ASC, think about the following as you look though the materials:

1. What are the high-level outcomes for the session?

2. How is the session organized/chunked?

3. What would I expect to see in CM classrooms/plans/execution/etc as a result of strong engagement with this content

4. What additional context do I need/what questions do I have prior to leading this experience? (make note of these to share with Amanda)

From the IMT

Accessing Soft Copy CMA Session Materials [CMAs, 10 minute download and review]

Hey CMAs! Here is info on accessing session materials that we referenced at ASC:

§ All of your session materials can be accessed in soft copy from a BOX folder document library. Here is the link: https://teachforamerica.box.com/s/n4th1i1p0uae9c17nvrzb7fbggpourxc

§ On this same site, you will also find a word document called 2016 Session List for CMAs which includes a list of sessions, details on which sessions apply to which schools and CMs, and dates when the sessions are likely to occur on the final calendars.

§ You will also receive session facilitation assignments from your SD, so make sure to take a look at those before you start prepping. We often pair CMAs for facilitation of larger sessions to decrease the number of sessions each person needs to prepare to lead and create opportunities for collaboration for staff and CMs.