January 7 News

Chandler Preschool and PDO

Donations Needed

We would love donations of any of the following if you have extra on hand or would be willing to make a donation. We appreciate your help!


Ritz crackers--toddler and twos favorite!

Glue Sticks

Paper towels

Kleenex boxes

Baby wipes

Major 2016 Calendar Dates

January 14: Enrollment for 2016-2017 begins for current families

February 11: Valentine's Day classroom parties: PDO 10 AM; Preschool 2:30

February 1: Open enrollment for 2016-2017 begins

March 1 and 3: Open House and Dr. Seuss week

March 3: Dr. Seuss Presentation with special guest, Becky Everly

March 22 and 24: No School; Spring Break

April 28: End of Year Program: Breakfast, Music Program, and Art Show!

May 12: Last Day

Notice of new law: Section 210.003.7 RSMo

By law, I do need to make sure you are aware of a new law that has passed:

According to a new law, Section 210.003.7, RSMo., the parent or guardian of a child enrolled in or attending Chandler Baptist Preschool and PDO may request notice of whether there are any children enrolled at our facility with an immunization exemption on file. If you would like to request this information, please contact Lorie at lorie@chandlerbc.org and the information will be provided to you. Please note, the name or names of individual children are confidential and will not be released Our response will be limited to whether or not there are children enrolled in our facility with an immunization exemption on file.

We choose to not accept immunization excemption forms, meaning all children attending Chandler Baptist Preschool and PDO are required to submit all immunization records, and we will not accept an immunization excemption form.

We do not have any children enrolled in Chandler Baptist Preschool and PDO with immunization exemptions.