June 2, 2020

LBUSD Commitment to Learning, Tolerance and Hope

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"There is not an American in this country that is free until every one of us is free" - Jackie Robinson

Dear JROB Community,

Board of Education President, Dr. Felton Williams, sent an important unifying message on behalf of the Long Beach Unified School District. (See above for link to his full message).

Dr. Williams' message resonates with me loud and clear. I recall sitting down with my own children last week explaining to them how the evil of racism and social injustice as evidenced with the killing of George Floyd has led to heartbreak across our country. I explained to them how the voices of millions of Americans protesting in support of the Black Lives Matter movement takes to the streets to display our collective frustration, anger and helplessness.

Something very important to me as an educator and parent is the belief that we as parents are our students' most impactful teacher. I encourage you to talk to our young dolphins about the ugly face of racism and hate. We all share in the responsibility to educate and explain to our students what is going on in our community and how we can assure them we remain committed to every student having a place in our society.

These are heavy but important topics for our children that we must address with thoughtfulness and intention. Literature is the perfect tool to initiate these conversations for they draw us into stories and experiences we would not normally experience. Please click this link, "31 Children's books to support conversations on race, racism and resistance" for ideas on how to engage our students with these topics. I encourage you to reach out to our Librarian, Ms. Will ( to inquire on books on this list and any other book recommendations.

I know these are scary times and the need for social emotional support is at an all time high. Please reach out to our School Counselor, Dr. Hosn ( to discuss how we can provide you with counseling support. Below find some resources to assist students at home.

Robinson Academy, now more than ever, remains committed to ensure all students feel safe and welcome as they pursue an education that will help open doors so they can in time contribute to a brighter future.


Salvador Madrigal


Estimada comunidad de Jackie Robinson,

El presidente de la Junta de Educación, Dr. Felton Williams, envió un importante mensaje unificador en nombre del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Long Beach. (Ver arriba para el enlace a su mensaje completo).

El mensaje del Dr. Williams resuena conmigo alto y claro. Recuerdo que me senté con mis propios hijos la semana pasada y les expliqué cómo el mal del racismo y la injusticia social, como se evidencia con el asesinato de George Floyd, ha llevado a la angustia en nuestro país. Les expliqué cómo las voces de millones de estadounidenses que protestaban en apoyo del movimiento Black Lives Matter salen a las calles para mostrar nuestra frustración, ira e impotencia.

Algo muy importante para mí como educador y padre es la creencia de que nosotros, como padres, somos los maestros más impactantes de nuestros estudiantes. Les pido animo a hablar con nuestros jóvenes delfines sobre la cara fea del racismo y el odio. Todos compartimos la responsabilidad de educar y explicar a nuestros estudiantes lo que está sucediendo en nuestra comunidad y cómo podemos asegurarles que sigamos comprometidos con que cada estudiante tenga un lugar en nuestra sociedad.

Estos son temas pesados ​​pero importantes para nuestros hijos que debemos abordar con consideración e intención. La literatura es la herramienta perfecta para iniciar estas conversaciones, ya que nos llevan a historias y experiencias que normalmente no experimentaríamos. Haga clic en el enlace, "31 libros infantiles para apoyar conversaciones sobre raza, racismo y resistencia" para obtener ideas sobre cómo involucrar a sus estudiantes con estos temas. Les pido que consulten con nuestra Bibliotecaria, la Sra. Will ( sobre los libros en esta lista y cualquier otra recomendación de libros.

Sé que estos son tiempos de miedo y la necesidad de apoyo social y emocional está en su punto más alto. Comuníquese con nuestra Consejera, Dr. Hosn ( para analizar cómo podemos brindarle apoyo de asesoramiento. A continuación encontrará algunos recursos para ayudar a los estudiantes en el hogar.

La Academia Robinson, ahora más que nunca, sigue comprometida a garantizar que todos los estudiantes se sientan seguros y bienvenidos mientras buscan una educación que les ayudará a abrir puertas para que puedan contribuir a un futuro mejor.


Salvador Madrigal


Congratulations Ameera R. on your 5th grade essay contest win!!!

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A perfect example of how bright the future is for our Jackie Robinson students is captured with our 5th Grader in Ms. Rasheka Henry's class, Ameera R. She did not allow the COVID 19 school closure to put a damper on her academic aspirations and thanks to that resolve she won $500 for a submitted Jane Adams essay answering the question, "How has COVID19 Affected Your Life?" Her essay beat submissions not only from California but many states.

Below is a brief description of Ameera:

Ameera R. is a 5th grade student in Ms. Henry’s class. She loves her friends and family! Ameera loves to participate during class discussions and volunteers to read to the class during live lessons weekly. Ameera worked hard this year to improve in reading comprehension during class time, after school tutoring, Saturday school and at home with extra homework in reading comprehension with her parents. She did not allow COVID 19 to stop her progress! She continues to work hard daily!

Click on link below to read Ameera's Essay

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31 Children's books to support conversations on race, racism and resistance

"Research from Harvard University suggests that children as young as three years old, when exposed to racism and prejudice, tend to embrace and accept it, even though they might not understand the feelings. By age 5, white children are strongly biased towards whiteness. To counter this bias, experts recommend acknowledging and naming race and racism with children as early and as often as possible. Children’s books are one of the most effective and practical tools for initiating these critical conversations; and they can also be used to model what it means to resist and dismantle oppression.​

Beyond addressing issues of race and racism, this children’s reading list focuses on taking action. It highlights resistance, resilience and activism; and seeks to empower youth to participate in the ongoing movement for racial justice. These books showcase the diverse ways people of all ages and races have engaged in anti-racist activism, and highlight how race intersects with other issues, such as capitalism, class and colonization. The majority of books center activists of color, whose lives and bodies have been on the front lines of racial justice work, yet whose stories often go untold. The essential work of white activists is also included — to underscore that anti-racist work is not the responsibility of people of color; and exemplify the ways white allies have stood up against racial injustice. This list was curated by critical literacy organizations, The Conscious Kid and American Indians in Children’s Literature."

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